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Star Kids Tutoring was established by a group of teachers in 2011. Our mission was to create a learning service for children who needed extra one to one support, a service where they could review and ask questions at their pace.

Fast forward to 2021, the way we conducted tutoring quickly changed as online teaching became the new norm. This has allowed us to reach more clients all over NSW.

 We are dedicated to providing quality tuition online or face to face in our locations in Wollongong and The Northern Rivers.

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All children face challenges in school at various times. The main reasons parents contact us; is to foster their children's love of learning, self-esteem and academic success whenever possible. 

Tutors can often help with these goals and the following:


1.     Help Establish an Early Foundation
Children in the Primary School have a lot of work to do. They are learning mathematical building blocks and acquiring reading comprehension. When kids struggle to master these early skills they can have difficulty grasping more challenging concepts, yet funding for extra support is becoming difficult in schools.

These gaps become greater as children get older, but tutoring can support their ability to acquire comprehension skills and decipher concepts before the situation becomes too stressful.

2.     Support One-on-One Learning
Tutoring gives your child the opportunity to take as much time as they need to understand the work in front of them. Most children can benefit from having someone focused on them who can support their learning and help them to understand and accept their own learning styles. A good tutor can help them to unlock the door to self-confidence, love of learning and self-acceptance.


3.     Build Confidence and Self-Esteem
A good tutor will take time to get to know your child, creating a safe space for them to discuss issues that might be affecting their ability to learn. This can enhance their feelings of self-worth and esteem as well as bolster up their skills at school.


4.     Help Maintain Acquired Skills
Tutoring can be beneficial to children, if you have concerns that they will lose some of the ground they gained over the past year.

Tutoring can help transition to the next year level and consolidate skills.

5.     Eliminates the Parent-Child Homework Wars

The most stressful part of the  child-parent relationship is homework! "By the time it's homework time, most parents are pooped. Tutors can take the pressure off and add to the family's quality of life while teaching kids to be responsible for their own work.


We have a selection of tutors who specialise in the subject area they are tutoring as well as practicing teachers, or working professionals who have a high level of aptitude in their respective fields.
Screening procedures are followed in compliance with state guidelines.
Star Kids Tutors are required to abide by the Australian Tutoring Association Code of Conduct and complete in house training covering syllabus outcomes, code of conduct and tutor obligations.

Child Safety


Star Kids Tutoring conducts rigorous background checks on our tutors. All tutors must hold a current paid Working with Children’s Check WWCC.

Under Section 1 of the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998, Star Kids Tutoring is prohibited from engaging a tutor who has been rejected by the screening process. This is for the protection of our students and tutors.    

Under this act;

• It is an offence for a prohibited person to apply for child-related employment.

• Star Kids Tutoring must ask existing and prospective applicants to declare whether they are a prohibited person or not.                                                                                        

• All child-related employees must inform their employers if they are a prohibited person, or remove themselves from child-related employment.                                                

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