Tuition Fees


Lessons are charged for the full length of the term, we ask parents and caregivers to commit to the full term. If you are unable to attend a session a makeup lesson willl be provided.


1. Fees must be payable prior to a scheduled lesson. Fees are issued at the beginning of each term or at the commencement of the student’s first lesson. If paying weekly, fees must be paid two weeks in advance.

2. Fees are set up through Direct Debit ( Integra Pay). This enables you to pay weekly, fortnightly or pay for fees upfront. 


3. Cancellation of any session requires 24 hours’ notice.                              

4. If due notice is given, re-scheduled sessions must be negotiated within the term or text holiday break, or they are forfeited.

5. If no notice is given, or the student fails to attend, the session will still be charged.

6. Forfeited sessions are non-refundable.

7. 4 weeks notice must be given if you are discontinuing lessons.

       Private Tuition Cost:

30 mins $37

45 mins $58

60 mins $68

Reports $25.00

Tutoring Procedures

1. Make a booking for your first assessment.

2. Fill out our enrolment form.

3. Confirm your assessment and setup payment through Integra Pay (Direct Debit)

4. Arrive at your first appoinment 10 minutes prior.

5. Your child will be assessed on the subject needed, assessing strengths and weaknesses.

6. Confirm your next appoinment.


Child Safety


Star Kids Tutoring conducts rigorous background checks on our tutors. 

Under Section 1 of the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998, Star Kids Tutoring is prohibited from engaging a tutor who has been rejected by the screening process. This is for the protection of our students and tutors.     Under this act;

• It is an offence for a prohibited person to apply for child-related employment.

• Star Kids Tutoring must ask existing and prospective applicants to declare whether they are a prohibited person or not.                                                                                        

• All child-related employees must inform their employers if they are a prohibited person, or remove themselves from child-related employment.                                                

Penalties are imposed for non-compliance. For more information on Working with Children Checks, your rights and government policy see http://www.det.nsw.edu.au

Our Tutors


We have a selection of tutors who specialise in the subject area they are tutoring as well as practicing teachers, or working professionals who have a high level of aptitude in their respective fields.
Screening procedures are followed in compliance with state guidelines.
Star Kids Tutors are required to abide by the Australian Tutoring Association Code of Conduct and complete in house training covering syllabus outcomes, code of conduct and tutor obligations.


Fequently Asked Questions:


What if I decide I don't want to continue with a particular tutor?
We will always attempt to find you a replacement tutor. In most cases a replacement tutor will be found.

I need a particular type of tutor. Can you meet these needs?
Star Kids Tutoring specialises in matching the right tutor to the student. We can provide you with a literacy tutor or a tutor who specialises in Maths. Your special requirements can be detailed when you 'Book a Tutor'.

Will my tutor be of good character?
Star KidsTutoring meets all legal obligations with regard to the Child Protection and Privacy Act that our tutors abide by.
How do I book a tutor?
You can book a tutor by completing and submitting our online booking form.


Step 1: Enrol Online

Step 2: Confirm 

Step 3: Set up Direct Debit payment

Step 4: Arrive at your appointment

Privacy Policy


Star Kids Tutoring Services values our staff and client confidentiality and only uses personal information for its own purposes.


Your personal information:

• Will not be sold to any other party for whatever purpose. This means your information will not be accessible to any telemarketing or direct mail agencies.                                                                 

• May be used by Star Kids Tutors for following up feedback submitted by you. 

• May be used in the course of Star Kids Tutoring' day to day business such as coordination of tutors and students.

• Will be kept absolutely confidential and will not be given to any other party except as agreed by you in the course of Star Kids Tutoring' business or if formally requested by law enforcement agencies. For more information on your privacy rights and government policy see http://www.privacy.gov.au


What to expect:


In week 1 of the term, we will be conducting a pre assessment to ascertain your child’s level and ability.

In week 8, we will be conducting follow up assessments to see how well your child has progressed.

In week 10, you will be emailed your child’s progress report detailing the content covered within the term, assessment results and recommendations for the following term. In week 10, you will also be asked to re – enrol your child for a spot the following term.


Tutoring policy:

As our centres are a Child Protected area, we ask all parents and other siblings to wait in the front waiting area.

You are permitted to observe your child’s first lesson with us, however parents will need to wait in the waiting area to limit distractions for both the student and tutor.


All children must be signed in and out of the centre and a formal letter emailed to us detailing authorisation of collection from another caretaker. All custody issues must be emailed to us in writing.


Please feel free to discuss with the Manager any issues you may have regarding your child. Sometimes, discussion can make things seem a whole lot less serious and lead to an eventual resolution.


Please be assured that any discussion will remain confidential.

If you have any other complaint or concerns about the Centre please:


  • Talk to the Manager in person or phone 02 42680020

    2.         Place your complaint in writing by emailing starkidstutoring101@gmail.com and arrange a meeting.

    3.         If you are not satisfied with the outcome after using the above steps you can contact The Australian Tutoring Association.