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Payment and Policy


Lessons are charged for the full length of the term, we ask parents and caregivers to commit to the full term. If you are unable to attend a session a makeup lesson willl be provided.


1. Fees must be payable prior to a scheduled lesson.

2. Fees are set up through Direct Debit ( Integra Pay). This enables you to pay weekly, fortnightly or pay for fees upfront. 


3. Cancellation of any session requires 12 hours’ notice. Email or Text Message us 0415 036660.                        


4. If due notice is given, re-scheduled sessions must be negotiated within the term or text holiday break, or they are forfeited.

5. If no notice is given, or the student fails to attend, the session will still be charged.

6. Forfeited sessions are non-refundable. 

7.Two weeks notice must be given if you are discontinuing lessons.

Covid Rules and Safety:


1. Please sign in

2.Hands must be washed with soap before entering the centre

3. Hand Sanitizer to be used upon arrival

4.All students present must not show any flu like symptoms, please make sure you reschedule your lesson if you have known flu symptoms. If you have come into contact with Covid19, please contact managment 0415036660.

Tutoring policy:

As our centres are a Child Protected area, we ask all parents and other siblings to wait in the front waiting area, Covid rules permitting.

All children must be signed in and out of the centre and a formal letter emailed to us detailing authorisation of collection from another caretaker. All custody issues must be emailed to us in writing.

Please feel free to discuss with the Manager any issues you may have regarding your child. Sometimes, discussion can make things seem a whole lot less serious and lead to an eventual resolution.


Please be assured that any discussion will remain confidential.

If you have any other complaint or concerns about the Centre please:

1. Talk to the Manager in person or phone 0415 036660

2. Place your complaint in writing by emailing  and arrange a meeting.

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